We request all participants to keep the following instructions in mind as you attend the webinar, so as to create a smooth and pleasant experience for all.

  1. The webinar will be held on the Zoom platform. Participants are requested to install Zoom on their preferred device prior to the session. The zoom link will be shared with registered users only.
  2. Microphones  of participants will be muted throughout the session by default to enable a smooth webinar.
  3. All participants except those who communicate through sign language are requested to keep your videos off.
  4. We will be having sign language interpreters to aid participants who might require the interpretation. In order to have a smooth viewing experience, the active interpreter will be spotlighted i.e you can find their video pinned on top. There will be 2 interpreters for this webinar. The interpretation will be done in Indian Sign Language (ISL). There will be a change of interpreters every half an hour.
  5. Automated live captioning will also be available for the event. Please follow these instructions in order to enable it:

    a.Join the Zoom meeting.

    b.Click the red LIVE indicator and click View Stream on Live Transcript in the dropdown (shown in image below).

    c.The live transcript will open in a new browser window.
    d.You may want to resize the Zoom window and the transcript window and keep them side by side for a better presentation/meeting experience

Image showing the options
Image: options


If you have suggestions, or have logistical queries, please write to  To read about the speaker and view the webinar’s abstract go to Events Page